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Looking for a Artist

2009-02-27 16:15:16 by PowerfrogProductions

I'm looking for an artist to draw me (in flash) some cars (similar to the example given) in 12 different angles, facing forward then slightly to the left ect. so, think your up for the job? but I'll be sure to mention you in the credits hopefully this game will be front page material, no promises.

Example http://www.flyupload.com/?fid=39820318 3

Please reply to me telling me if you want to do it or not as soon as possible. Thanks!

I've already found an artist who is willing to make what i need, Tager, but if anyone else wants to give it a shot, your welcome. I'll mention whoever's work i use in the comments and in my blog, and I'll put you in as "Additional Art" or whatever there is for the game developers bit.

Looking for a Artist

Making the best flash car you game you've ever played.

2009-02-20 07:58:02 by PowerfrogProductions

You heard me. The best car game. Ever. i've went with more of a PlayStation 1 type of car game instead of one of those overhead go-cart thing that you see all over, they don't really work, do they? But car enthusiasts, you don't have to put up with them for much longer (well, about a month, I'm still pretty early in developing it) But it'll be WELL worth it, for a little taste be sure to check out


I'm gonna work my ass off to make this the best car game you've ever played.

NOTE: as there are no (at least none popular enough for me to know about) flash games like this that actually use cars instead of weird looking monster trucks, there aren't many sprite sheet for 3D cars, i will need car shots from the back of the car, and then every 30 degrees, PM me if you have what I'm looking for and I'll mention you in the game.

Making the best flash car you game you've ever played.