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I just hope that my final words can be so... life changing.

that was brilliant

but... WHY do it in one layer, i mean, thats basically making it a lot harder to animate and you have no proof of it being one layer, never the less, that was awesome, i especially liked black-raven's work. Good job!

that tree was hot.

I found it hilarious when Mr Fatt was gobsmacked and you saw a silhouette of a slim body, only to see Mrs Fatt, as fat as ever, standing next to the hot tree. Hilarious.

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The only thing i can think of that would make this game any more awesome than it is, is more levels(MOARGAMEPLAY) and possibly alternative weapons/spells. Feels very much like the earlier zelda games and that's great.


i was expecting something... longer, but it has potential, i mean, the art was pretty cool. Make it a lot longer and I'll happily play and vote it highly.

Pretty cool

but this is WAY too difficult, and its not often i say that. round 2 of the tournament was pretty hard then round 3, impossible. i don't want to think of what the other 7 rounds would have been, make this a little easier and i think its a pretty good game (I'd prefer bigger X's too more time but both are good.)

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This is so calming and fits in the background perfectly, i may use this in an upcoming game i'm making. I'll let you know if i decide to use it via pm later.

Kor-Rune responds:

Ooo, incase you might want to use it, I made an acoustic version here:

http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/liste n/244718

But if you like the effects on this one better, it's all cool, either one's fine to use bro!

Sheer Awesomeness.

I've been looking for an EPIC sound to go with my fight scene I'm making and frankly, They've all been too cheery but this is just great, hope you don't mind if i use it. And if you actually are the artist that made this for Atlantica Online, Rasto, you just got 1 up'd man. Again, sheer brilliance. 5/5 10/10

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Wolfguard responds:

yes sir i am, the Proof is in the Credits mate, check er out yourself ^_^, Rasto owes me an appology for being a douche.

I'm frogger2k8 but, I'm older and a lot cooler, OK, so I'm the same person, but frogger2k8 has been abandoned, I'll upload all games i make to this account. and leave the crap ones behind (snakes sooo coming with this one!)

25, Male

Game maker? Jobless.

me no likey peadophiles.



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